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Who says you can't increase your breast size naturally?

My bra size is now 75 C, and when I go out with my friends, I feel more confident and beautiful than ever before.

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Rose Micallef
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Hi! My name is Rose. I am 27 years old and I want to tell you my story. I used to be flat-chested... It made me feel really bad – I was too ashamed to wear shirts with cleavage because of the small size of my bra. Read my story to see how things changed for me...

I won the genetic lottery! I am lucky to have a great body, and I only know about diets from my friends' stories. And from women's magazines, of course. It sounds like I should have been enjoying life and having fun, but things weren't exactly perfect. Until a few months ago...

Long legs and flat belly have definitely played to my advantage. But for a woman to be attractive it's impossible without beautiful breasts! And to my pity, I have to say that big breasts is something I never had.

When I was a young girl, I always hoped that when I grow up, I would be able to wear dresses with deep cleavage. Despite the fact that I am now 27 years old, my bra size never went up to more than a B cup! Needless to say, all the beautiful dresses, which I tried on, looked awful on me. I looked like a teenage girl. As time went by, this made me feel more and more frustrated.

Last year I even considered going through cosmetic surgery. I researched all the clinics in the city, and compared the prices of breast implants. When I found out how expensive the surgery is and what risks it poses, I got scared.

So when I told my doctor about it, he only laughed at my worries and advised me to research some other methods for breast enhancement, which would not require surgery. At first I said, "No, absolutely not!". I thought it was completely ridiculous to try such home remedies as putting cabbage on my breasts, or rubbing them with red pepper. And I was afraid of taking hormones because of the side effects...

But then I was advised to try a unique cream that would help me solve my problem once and for all. I was a bit skeptical but I didn't have anything to lose. So I decided to give it a try since the cream was so highly recommended.

And here are the results... img img

This is me before the cream:


You'll probably say: "You can get this cream in any supermarket, and it's just nonsense." But I'll tell you what – this is no regular cream... You can't find it in a store or a pharmacy... It's a truly unique cream that only a few clinics provide, or you can order it online. It's called Bustural. Anyway, I decided to save some money and ordered it online from the manufacturer's website. Several days later the courier delivered to my front door a nice box. Inside the box there was a tube containing the magical cream. Of course, the first thing I did was to read the instructions – I certainly didn't want to mess things up. It turned out the application is actually very simple – you need to apply the cream twice a day, and rub it into your skin for about 5 minutes.

The cream smells nicely, and the texture itself is delicate and very pleasant! It leaves no smell on the clothes, and it is easy to apply on your skin.

What I liked the most however, was the fact that you only need to apply a small dose (approximately the size of a coin). And after I used the cream, my skin became soft, moist and silky. I totally fell in love with Bustural !

After a week of using the cream I noticed several changes – the shape of my breasts was now rounder. And it seemed that my breasts got bigger, too! I stared at them in the mirror for about an hour just to be sure. They were still not perfect, but they looked better than before. I realized that even a small cup size could look attractive if I enhanced the shape of my bust!

The weeks went by. It is now a whole month since I started using the cream Bustural. And the magical tube is officially empty. But it doesn't upset me at all, because I am really satisfied with the results! Not long ago my bra size was an A cup, and now it's a full C! And I achieved all of this in one month! It truly is amazing – my breasts are now enlarged by two sizes. The most impressive fact is that my bust looks completely natural. I think of it as a miracle, because I didn't believe the cream would be so effective!

I can finally feel like a real woman even without wearing a push-up bra! Now I have big, toned and round breast. And I look fabulous in all of my favorite clothes – it doesn't matter if I'm wearing a dress or a shirt with a deep cleavage!

Thanks to Bustural my self-confidence sky-rocketed! And I can't help smiling, because my enhanced bust turns heads wherever I go now. ;)

So don't waste time, girls – do something about yourself and try this cream... I promise, you won't regret it! I wish you the best of luck!

Best regards, Michelle

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My breast got bigger while I was pregnant, just as expected, but when my little boy grew up, and I was done with breastfeeding, my breast sagged and I felt miserable again. A friend of mine who gave birth a year later advised me to use Bustural. At first I didn't believe it'd be possible for my breast to get back to its shape without an expensive surgery, but a month later my breast looked just like before and its shape was rounder, and according to my husband it even got bigger. I felt so happy!
I have been using this product for about a month: my breast got bigger and my old bras were suddenly too small. It seems it really works...
A friend of mine and I ordered this cream, and at first we didn't believe it would work. It's just a cream after all, and it seems that everyone chooses the plastic surgery anyway. But after a month we were shocked - my breasts were one size bigger and firmer and my friend's results were even better. So hurry up girls, because now you can buy this cream online at a discount.
I am 35, and back in the old days I was proud of my breasts, but with the years passing by, my breasts sagged and lost their shape... :( so wearing a deep cleavage no longer made me look attractive, as it only emphasized my age. But I found a solution! After just two months of using Bustural my chest looks as good as it looked 10 years ago.
Just like the author of this post, I went to see my doctor and she advised me to try out an innovative cream, called Bustural. The results exceeded all my expectations, the size of my breast doubled and now I look great. I am constantly being approached by men and by other women, who ask me how much I paid for the plastic surgery!))

Well, I ordered the cream too, but to be honest, I don't think my bust got any bigger. Yeah, my breasts are now firmer and their shape looks somewhat enhanced, but that's it. Still, it might be good to use Bustural after breastfeeding. At least it's not as expensive as breast implants and other creams...
I got to know about this cream during my recent business trip to Los Angeles. You can buy it in any pharmacy there. I've been using this cream for a month during my stay in USA. You should have seen my husband's face, when I got back from the business trip. =D

A year ago my husband and I had some problems... then he started flirting with a woman from his office. Hopes of saving our marriage looked grim, but I wasn't ready to give up. So I decided that I would start working out to get in shape, and maybe rekindle the flame in our relationship. Well, we all know that gym does not help with breast enlargement, so I decided that I would start using Bustural. Three months later I looked 5 years younger, fit and well-endowed. But what good is a husband that tries his luck with every woman around him? Needless to say, we're not together anymore but I'm seeing someone else now. ;)

Hi! I've used this cream, too! I ordered it from the manufacturer's website (because it's at a better price). By chance, they're selling it now at a discount, so you can get a good deal.
In the age of new technologies nothing is impossible! You can see results in just a few weeks without having to undergo a surgery. I am truly delighted!